Indie 2.0, last read-through

I’m having the slightly weird experience of doing a really¬†final read-through of my forthcoming book Indie 2.0: Change and Continuity in Contemporary American Indie Film –¬†quite some months after originally delivering the ‘completed’ manuscript. It turned out recently that the book hadn’t yet gone into to physical production, so I was able to work in one or two little bits and pieces to update the material in places. This has been useful, particularly in relation to some of what I’m writing about various new web-related initiatives such as crowd funding. Some more successful examples of this exist now than did when I originally wrote the relevant chapter or last read through the whole manuscript last Autumn. Not that any fixed writing is really able to keep up with all the detail in this arena, in which there’s a danger of always being that important bit out of date – one of the perils of writing about very contemporary matters. I might be tempted at some point to publish directly on this website, rather than in a conventional book at all. Maybe; but then, again, I like the physical book (being no Kindle reader!) and there might be implications in such a move from the point of view of how much weight is given to academic research published in one place or another. More likely is to use this site as a place to do some updating once the book is out, in the form of short additional pieces that could be read alongside the main text before perhaps being integrated into subsequent printings. I’d also like to provide some advance teaser material from the book here, but the publisher is rather wary of that. Maybe something, at least, nearer the time of publication…

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