‘Django Unchained’ will no doubt contribute to growing strength of Weinstein Company

The growing strength of The Weinstein Company (see previous post), after its slow start following the departure of Harvey and Bob Weinstein from Miramax, will no doubt be confirmed by its release of the new Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained. Not surprising that Tarantino has remained loyal to the brothers, who played a key role in building his career, just as Miramax profited greatly from his presence during its heyday under Disney. TWC is wasting no time in trying to build expectation for the film, either, with a teaser trailer now released, many months before it’s due to open at Christmas. Some more details about the film can be found on a blog at The Guardian. It’s already provoking some debate about its handling of issues relating to race, following past Tarantino controversies in similar territory, as reported by Indiewire. Notable, though, that it’s a co-production with Sony/Columbia, rather than solely a TWC venture. The deal involves a typical split, with Sony co-financing and distributing overseas and TWC handling the US release.

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