Hollywood Puzzle Films

This is just a shameless plug for a chapter I have in a new book just out, Hollywood Puzzle Films edited by Warren Buckland (a new AFI Film Reader from Routledge). My chapter is one of several on Inception, in which I explore exactly how far the film departs in its puzzling narrative qualities from the Hollywood norm, how far this is balanced by other more mainstream qualities (such as spectacle, action) and how the particular balance of qualities offered by the film can be understood in its specific industrial context – especially the central role played by the writer-director, Christopher Nolan, as a figure with a repute for both indie-sector puzzles and Batman-scale blockbusters.

Hollywood Puzzle Films

Haven’t had a chance to read the rest of it yet, but should be lots of other interesting material on how aspects of the puzzle film – usually associated with the art or indie film sectors – have found their way into some studio films. Full details and to buy from Amazon here (although it’s a bit steep at nearly £30 in paper!)


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