New titles on indie film, 2

Also newly out and promising to make an important contribution in similar territory is Hollywood’s Indies: Classics Divisions, Speciality Labels and American Independent Cinema by Yannis Tzioumakis from Edinburgh University Press (also only in hardback at present and £47.99 from Amazon). Will also be awaiting library copy for this one, which seems to have a rather less jaunty cover image! Good to see this and Perren’s book adding more substance to studies of this ‘Indiewood’ territory constituted largely by the studio speciality divisions. And, yes, I do here have shamelessly to plug my ‘pioneering’ Indiewood, USA: Where Hollywood Meets Independent Cinema (I.B.Tauris, 2009), although I’ll avoid the temptation to include its cover below (but you can find an extract from the intro here.

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